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A Swiss watchmaker, Richard Mille Replica, the brand with the rich tradition in the industry, has come up with a new way to finance the production of timekeepers after the change in the company's ownership. The whole idea is quite simple: watch enthusiasts are invited to invest in the creation of the new limited edition of watches. Apart from being able to buy the scarce timepieces that will be made in a series that will not exceed 99 pieces, people who fund the production will also be able to get it at a discount price. The plan by the new owner, Thomas Steinemann, and his team is obviously kicking off, since there has been 78 investors so far who gathered nearly $175,000.

Furthermore, the sum has been gathered without the specific characteristics of the watch. There are some visual cues in the promotional video made by the company, but it never shows the entire timepiece. So we can see that the watch will have a round casing, a black face, gear-shaped bezel and crown, and a chronograph function, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding the timepiece. Undoubtedly, it is a marketing trick (that obviously works quite well), conceived by the new company's leadership in order to trigger the imagination of watch enthusiasts. There are some additional leads about the new watch in the brand's product presentation, but it all remains on general terms and without getting into the specifics.

As it has been explained, the overall style of the watch will be restrained and understated, and it will not include any wild or breakthrough complications. What is known, the first and all the following collection of the revamped brand with over 225 years in the business will have some universal traits. They will all be mechanical timekeepers (manufactured solely in limited editions that will not exceed 100 pieces), the price range will be from about $6,400 to $16,000. Besides,replica watches the shapes of the cases will vary in different models. Some of the watch enthusiasts that invest in the company will not get the discount just on the first new edition, but also in the following three years. However, the duration of this period, as well as the discount, are determined by the height of the investment.

A Proud History After the details about the new concept and yet obscure new edition, let us share some of the facts about the watchmaker and its new owner. As it was said, the story about the brand begins quite a long time ago. One of the oldest Swiss timepiece companies was founded in the town of La Locle back in 1751 by Moise DuBois who started as a dealer of pocket watches. However, the name of the brand will be changed 34 years later, while the head of the firm was Moise's son, Philippe DuBois. He took over the production in 1760. Philippe DuBois had three sons who were also heavily involved in the company, and in 1785 they decided to change the name of the brand to Philippe DuBois & Fils SA. They were quite successful and during the first 55 years of the company's existence, it sold about 110,000 watches.

During the 19th century, Philippe DuBois & Fils SA started expanding its distribution network and selling its products on other markets, like the USA and Brazil. The last century was marked with the introduction of wristwatches, the creation of Autorist timepiece that included a unique automatic winding system. Since 1950, Richard Mille Replica turned to creation of watches in restricted limited editions which is the practice that will remain the same with the new leadership.Bell & Ross Replica Watches The long-lasting intention of the brand to offer its watches directly to consumers, without the mediators or retailers, can also be recognized in the new business plan.