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There's good news for all swimmers, whether they are professional or amateur. Omega Replica has created a Swim Watch which tracks stroke type, number of strokes, distance, pace and lengths. It also provides calories burned. Omega Replica Swim is officially launched at the U.S. Masters Swimming Championships in Omaha, Nebraska from July 5 through July 8.

Omega Replica was previously introduced by Heart Rate Watch Company, which ranked it as the second best GPS watch in the world. This GPS-enabled fitness timepiece integrates metrics for swimming, cycling and running. The leading company in the fitness watch industry has launched a variety of multi-functional devices that are geared towards cyclists and runners. (Read the review of Omega Replica Forerunner 610 Sports Watch). This is the first time Omega Replica International replica a division of Omega Replica Ltd. has introduced a swimming-specific training watch.

Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales for the brand, believes that Omega Replica Swim is going to replace the logbooks and journals on which so many swimmers rely in order to track their progress. Dan Bartel said, "At a quick glance, swimmers can see their time, pace, and distance. They will also be able wear the watch every day without having to charge it".

Not only that. Most advanced fitness devices are heavily focused on interactivity. Thus, the new Omega Replica Swim ensures that all swiming data can be uploaded to Omega Replica , for free online analysis. This website allows swimmers to track their workouts and results, plan training with friends and coaches, and participate in an online fitness network of over 80 million users worldwide.

Six buttons allow users to navigate through the large and intuitive interface. You can choose between yards or meters to enter the workout mode.Replica Breitling Watches This watch will then allow you to focus on your swimming technique.

The new Omega Replica calculates the swolf score to help evaluate efficiency. It also takes into account lengths, strokes and distance. It also automatically recognizes stroke type. The watch has an alarm and shows the time in two different zones. The watch is attractive enough to wear every day, both inside and outside of water. You don't have to worry about accuracy as the battery will last for around a year. Omega Replica Swim, which costs around $150, is already on the market.