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Franck Muller Replica, a relatively new watchmaking company, has unveiled the most exclusive cigar box in the world: the Emperador cigar case. It is priced at one million Swiss Francs. Nearly 100 professionals spent thousands of hours creating this magnificent work of art, which features international patents. It also contains 2,675 high quality parts.

Franck Muller Replica Chest offers much more than just a luxurious item. This humidor is 70 cm long by 45 cm wide by 30 cm high. It's made entirely in Switzerland and includes a fine tourbillon watch.

The chest is crowned with a 323 component tourbillon clock. The chest is decorated with the traditional 'Clous de Paris" guilloche.Franck Muller Replica This beautiful Swiss flying tourbillon is powered by a hand-wound, custom-developed movement. The mechanism is a perfect example of precision, oscillating at a frequency of 21,600 beatings per hour (3Hz). Two central hands display the hours and minutes, while the tourbillon cage makes one complete rotation in 60 second.

The crown is operated by a system, not a human hand, so the movement is never stopped, even without the intervention of a human.

The tourbillon has 24 Grand Cru cigars, each wrapped in four gold leaf and placed in a glass tube. The tubs are electronically monitored, so the box can track the number of cigars remaining at any time.

The chest has a secret code that is only accessible by the user who brushes their finger across one of nine touch buttons,Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches which spells out the word 'Imperiali.' A gentle touch activates the LCD display. The user then enters the passcode using the golden touch button.

Three mechanical dials display in real-time the relative humidity, temperature and power reserve. Most importantly, they show the remaining number of cigars. Geneve-based manufacturer developed the first self-regulating relative humidity and temperature system in the world that does not require water or human intervention. This luxurious product ensures a constant relative humidity of 70%, and a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius regardless of the external environment conditions.